How I Discovered Online Groceries – The Real Story

If you’ve read my about page then you already know that I have always been fascinated with studying consumer behavior. So much so, that I earned my bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Communications. Go Badgers!

Although, I applied my knowledge to many of my own shopping habits I never really paid attention do how I was grocery shopping. One day, I realized that mindlessly shopping at the closest store for whatever they had in stock probably wasn’t the smartest or most effective way to shop.

First ... A Confession

Of course, while that is all completely true, it’s not the whole story. Here is the real story about why I started writing about online grocery shopping.

I’ll start with a confession...I used to go grocery shopping as a way to get out of the house with my two little ones. They were better behaved in public than at home and I needed to have some adult interaction (yes, the grocery clerk counts).

Not to mention, I vainly loved hearing the little old ladies tell me how sweet and beautiful my kids were and feeling like I was nailing it with the whole stay at home mom thing. 

Grocery shopping with kids

But then two became three and that third little one did not follow the same rules, in fact I'm pretty sure he is constantly trying to show me how little I know about parenting.

The (Unfortunately) True Story 

One day, at the very end of our grocery shopping trip we strolled up to the registers to find only one open with a long line of people waiting to check out. My crew was getting increasingly antsy so I decided against waiting in line and headed over to the self-checkout lane with a cart full of groceries and three very bored kids.

Like most self-checkout experiences, it went from bad to worse. Every item I tried to ring up caused one problem or another and the attendant had to keep coming over to help. The bananas were ringing up as apples and I couldn’t fit all of the items in the teeny tiny bagging area.

Not to mention, all the while child number three (who had broken out of the buckle and was trying to climb out of the cart repeatedly) was also having a full blown meltdown because I wouldn’t let him sit in the bagging area.

The very sweet self checkout attendant was unable to assist anyone else during this epic show of shopping prowess on my part. She also took it upon herself to try to soothe said third child by rubbing his back and telling him to sit back down.

I'm just a girl cartoon

Written by Abby Has Issues and Illustrated by Hedger Humor

Six words I never want to hear again..."Unexpected item in the bagging area".

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If you thought the worst was over, you’d be wrong, so very wrong. You see my sweet, kind, wonderful third child did not like having a stranger touch him so he dropped the “F-bomb” loudly. I’d love to explain where he learned that word but that is a whole other, non grocery related story.

Oh, did I mention I was also very, VERY pregnant with baby #4. I’m sure everyone around was looking and thinking, “Really, another one?”. It may be the most embarrassed I have ever been in public...ever! 

shopping with kids ecard

The moment when all the kids and groceries were neatly packed away in the van I broke into tears. It was the first and so far the only time I have cried from embarrassment. As soon as I got myself together I immediately pulled out my phone and started searching for grocery delivery options.  

That is when I discovered the magical and meltdown free worlds grocery store pickup and online groceries.