Hi I'm​​​​ ​​​​Jenna

I created Particular Pantry because I believe that finding the right food for your family should be easier. That's why I am committed to providing the information and resources to help you find whatever food you are looking for whether online or in the store.

Let's be real...grocery shopping is not the sexiest chore and most people dread trolling down the aisles of their local store. But whether you love it or hate it, it has to be done.

If you are single and shopping for yourself ...I've done it.

If you are newly married and on a tight grocery budget ...I've been there.

If you are shopping for your ever growing family ...I am an experienced shopper for a family of 6!

You might be wondering how I went from doing the grocery shopping to writing about it. Believe it or not, writing about grocery shopping was not my childhood dream. I have, however, always been a consumer research nut, so much so that I earned my Bachelor's in Family and Consumer Communications.

While studying how other people made purchasing decisions I realized that I always want to be an educated consumer. In fact, I often get stuck in analysis paralysis before making any big purchase because I have this need to know that I have fully researched EVERY option available to me. 

But for some reason I never applied that to groceries. I usually just shopped at the closest grocery store or the one with the best produce, and called it a day. I didn't even clip coupons...gasp! 

When I first discovered the magical and meltdown free world of online grocery shopping (that's a whole other story), I also realized that this was one place where I had neglected to become an educated consumer. So I threw myself into researching all of the options. I ended up frustrated when I couldn't always find the information I needed to feel like I was making the right choices. 

That is when I decided to create this community, to provide well researched information about your grocery choices.

I am here to do the hard work for you (no, I will not actually do your shopping) by trying out all the different options you have from traditional in-store shopping, to pickup, to online grocery stores and to discover and share the best places to find food that fits your lifestyle. 

I am on a mission to bring unbiased transparency to your choices of food and modes of shopping so that you can make deliberate choices for your particular life.

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